Recruiting, at its most basic level, is about filling positions. Let no one tell you otherwise; my job is to find the right person for you so that your business is successful.  Period.

My approach has four steps:

1. Learn the business.

I have years of experience in a variety of industries, but I want to learn your business (and do so without taking up huge amounts of your time). So I research, I talk to lots of people, and I listen, ultimately creating a framework upon which I can build an efficient, productive, and successful search.

2. Understand the need.

After I’ve gained this contextual understanding of your business, I then develop an understanding of the need this missing person will fulfill. And, again, do this without draining valuable time from your business and your team.

3. Find the people.

This step involves finding the right people, individuals who are not only strongly qualified, but also interested in your company and in your position, and who you will want to spend time with.

4. Share the stories.

The last step is to share your story with the candidate and the candidate’s story with you. My job is to make sure that the communication is clear, effective, and focused. This includes working with you and your interview team to help guide the process toward an appropriate match.


Throughout the recruiting process, I communicate and update everyone regularly, and handle the just-as-vital-but-less-interesting aspects of the recruiting process such as scheduling interviews, checking references, finalizing offers, and even the first day orientation.