Who Are My Clients?

Looking to find talent…

I have experience across many industries, including marketing, software, law firms, and banking.  As a potential client, you might be a:

  • Big company looking for a focused expert
  • Midsized company who needs to add to, or enhance, your existing team
  • Small company who doesn’t yet have a full-time Recruiting or HR professional
  • Staffing or placement agency looking for a partner on a specific search, or just adding to your bench strength
  • Consulting firm whose clients also need recruiting help or unique HR assistance

If you are one of the above, or even if you are none of the above, let’s talk about how I can help you.

…or talent looking?

Whether you are looking for something new right now or you just want to tell me about yourself and your aspirations for the future, I’d love to hear from you. I may not be working on something at the moment that is just right for you, but I might know someone who is, or I might have something in the future.

I’m a believer in cover letters, or at least an email that tells me something beyond what I will find on your resume or your LinkedIn profile. Tell me about relocation if that is something you are interested in exploring; update me on your dreams for your career; or just keep me posted about what you are working on now.


Location, Location, Location

I am located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have been in Seattle for just about 18 years, but I am available to help clients regardless of where you may be located.


You can use the Contact Me form or just email me here.